We are a global market research organization that values your right to privacy.  The information you elect to share by participating in this service helps our partners create better products and services for everyone on the Internet.  


Our Privacy Pledge to you is as follows:


  • We believe collecting information from you is a privilege, not a right.  It is our responsibility to earn and maintain your trust.

  • We do not allow our business customers to learn your identity.

  • We require every employee of our company to undergo annual training on the importance of protecting your privacy.

  • We allow only a small number of carefully screened employees to have access to any information which may relate to our members’ identities.  These employees undergo special reviews on a regular basis to ensure that this level of data access is required for their jobs.

  • We are committed to making it easy for you to uninstall our data collection software if desired.

  • We have a Chief Privacy Officer and a privacy team who advise our employees on questions they may have relating to the information you share, and are available to you to address any questions you may have about how we conduct our research.

  • We monitor global privacy legislation to ensure that we are in compliance.

  • We use third party auditors to ensure that we comply with industry best practices. 

  • We delete outdated data from our systems regularly and aim to keep data only as long as necessary.


For complete details, we encourage you to review our Privacy Policy.